Robson’s International Rail Transport Consultancy

Michael Robson

Managing Director

Michael Robson, CIM, CMILT is the Managing Director and owner of Robson’s International Railway Consultancy which is based in the UK. The company which was founded in 2010 has carried out work across the world covering a variety of topics. He is an experienced railway executive having worked for nationalised, privatised, and private not for dividend railway companies in the UK.
Michael held senior positions with the UK rail industry before moving to Brussels to take up the position of Secretary General of the European Rail Infrastructure Managers which he held for 4 years. A key part of this role was working with Infrastructure Managers to develop Asset Management Systems to better understand how the infrastructure was performing and working with funders to develop sound business cases for future investment in the network.

Michael has also been a member of the European Railway Agency Administration Board, the EURNEX Advisory Board, the UIC European Management Committee. He has participated in a number of research projects including as Chairman of the SMARTRAIL Advisory Board and a member of the DESTinationRAIL Executive Board.

These various positions have given Michael an excellent knowledge of how the European railway system operates especially in the infrastructure sector, covering such topics as Asset Management, rail research, operations and change management.