Thymo van den Brug

Manager Development, Asset Management Information

Sometimes Thymo van den Brug calls himself the Dataman of ProRail. Every day he looks at how to improve the performance and working methods so more traintravelers and trainshippers can be satisfied. The central question: how can we help by making smart use of data and information? Together with his team, he is responsible for the further development of that data-driven way of working @ ProRail Asset Management, with focus on new opportunities and possibilities: how can we prevent rail disruptions through the use of sensors and data science? But also: can we create insights into the lifetimes of assets to predict the smartest moment of replacement?
Over the past 17 years, he has gained knowledge and experience with data and information in various data and management functions, including as functional manager of the GIS applications, line manager in operational data management, Program Manager BIM and Project Manager Information in Performance Based Contracts for the maintenance domain.